Southern Skies

Player-Facing Rules #

based on Chasing a Blaze in the Northern Sky

This being here is primarily as a convenient reference for my friends and aspiring players for my open table game!

Therefore, these are only player-facing rules that won’t make much sense if you’re planning to run the game as the GM. I’ll post the GM Procedures at some point in the future!

Resolution #

When discussion doesn’t yield an evident resolution, we roll. 1d20 for most of your characters’ risky actions, or when we just rather leave things to chance. The target is always 20+ for all d20 rolls inclusive of modifiers. 1

Player Roles #

First is the Mapper, the referee gives geographical location to the players of their locations and mapping is left up to them. The mapper creates maps for the other players to use to navigate the dungeons and to orient themselves in the wilderness. The player who acts as Mapper receives 300xp.

The second is the Caller, the role of the caller is to manage their team-mates and relay information to the referee. The player who takes the roll of caller is responsible for resolving player conflicts on how to proceed within a dungeon or wilderness. Each character acts on their own, but to coordinate the actions of all the players, the caller relates the plan of action of the referee. The player who acts as Caller receives 300xp.

The third is the Quartermaster, their role is to manage upkeep and prepare for expeditions. They manage supply quantities and the purchasing of additional items in civilization. The player who acts as Quartermaster receives 300xp.

The fourth is the Scribe, their role is to make a journal report at the end of the session. This is for the benefit of those not at the adventure who want to keep abreast of the situation. Write as plainly or as flowery as you desire, but not in bullet points. If there is an adventure report written for the session, all players in the session receive an additional 300xp and the Scribe gains an additional 300xp and 200 silver pieces from the King.

  1. The system is taken from Target 20 from OED Games.

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