At the end of a session, characters which have survived their first session of play are named. Named characters may spend a week of downtime in civilization, gaining rumors and allowing their characters to take a few unique interactions with the settlement.

The following downtime actions are possible in most settlements, certain settlements or items gained in the course of play may allow for additional downtime actions.

Carouse: Characters spending a minimum of 100 silver gain an equal amount of XP, while holidays celebrated this way grant double XP. Characters not loved by fate, as evidenced by their charisma, risk mishap while carousing.

Consult a Sage: Characters may spend 100 silver to ask a question which would be answered truthfully as known in the settlement, alternatively, the character may ask up to 5 yes or no questions. Characters who ask a question that’s not answerable by the sage would have their payment returned. Those who purposely broach taboo subjects in this manner risk being reported, and would be wise to pay for secrecy.

Decipher Script: A character possessing writing in a script they can’t read, may have it translated and transcribed allowing it to be read for 100 silver. As with consulting a sage, those who purposely broach taboo subjects in this manner risk being reported, and would be wise to pay for secrecy.

Quest: A character may search for work for themselves and their companions. Upon completion of a work characters may be offered entry into a faction.

Funeral: Surviving characters may hold funerals for those fallen, burying treasuring with them. The Next character made by the same player as the one honored by funeral starts with XP equal to the treasure buried.

Find Rumors: A character may ask around and obtain an additional rumor.

Barter: A character may seek to make profit on trade goods. Trade goods of exceptional quality or scarcity increase profit.

Seek Retainers: A character may attempt to find a skilled adventurer to join their party. If successful, they would require payment to join and a share of treasure.

Search for Love: A character may search for a romantic interest in a settlement, those successful would likely require the family’s permission prior to marriage if they wished to gain the dowry.

Beseech Another: A character may petition a wielder of power or influence to achieve a goal. Examples of petitions would include, but aren’t limited to, the following: petitioning a chieftain to offer men to help hunt down a monster, petitioning a prince to free a man held prisoner, petitioning a captain to smuggle a few men along the river, or petitioning a deity to grant vengeance.

Bushcraft: A character may perform bushcraft any time in the overworld, but the risk is encountering a hostile monster in the wilderness.

Brew Tincture: A character may craft tinctures from different ingredients such as one made from thrice-fold deathsbane.

Gamble: A character may attempt to increase his wealth by roll of the die, failure risks being stripped of their possessions and held for ransom until their debt is paid.

Purchase Medicine: A character may spend 50s per dose of medicine to grant them a chance for being cured. Those who imbibe medicine this way halt disease progression during downtime.

Find Passage: A character may find and secure passage for themselves and their companions as passengers aboard a sea vessel or convoy, paying prior to departure.