Character Progression

Leveling Up #

There are 10 levels. Every even-numbered level grants +1 Hit Dice (HD) to a maximum of 5 HD (each equal to 1d6). Roll and add to your maximum HP.

Every odd-numbered level after the first, choose a Boon 1.

  1. Berserk: Rage to gain +2 to Slaying, Saves, and Damage for one round as well as +2 HD temporarily for one encounter (the latter applies only once per encounter). Afterward, Save or lose the ability for the day.
  2. The Grappler: All attempts at grapples are made with +2. Additionally, if you are currently grappled, roll a Save. On a success, you counter the grapple.
  3. Great Fortitude: Gain a +2 bonus to saves against poison, disease, and death.
  4. Iron Will: Gain a +2 bonus to saves against mental attacks, including charm, fear, and illusions.
  5. Mounted Combat: Gain +2 to hit and +2 damage with mounted melee attacks, and +4 to saves against being unhorsed.
  6. Rapid Shot: Gain an extra attack every round in missile combat.
  7. Fortuitous Studies: Come across a random true name or candle recipe during your downtime (can be taken multiple times).
  8. Sentinel: While wielding a shield and in the front ranks, allies behind you gain +2 to their attacks against enemies you defend against.
  9. Toughness: Add an extra +2 HP every time you gain HD.
  10. Tracking: Track targets on a 4-in-6 chance basis, adjusted for small or large parties, inclement weather, and the like.
  11. Two Weapon Fighting: Fight with a light weapon in the off hand, for either +2 Evasion, or an extra attack at –2 to hit each round.
  12. Weapon Specialization: Gain +2 to hit and damage with one weapon type of choice.

You need Experience Points (XP) to level-up. Your total XP must equal the value required for the succeeding level.

LevelTotal XP Required

Earning XP 2 #

XP is equal to silver pieces (s) earned after character creation. Finding lost treasure and achieving Glories are the surest ways of earning silver.

Most of the possible Glories players can can earn are listed below. Players who achieve a Glory are granted 2500s by the King. The sum distributed evenly amongst them. Some Glories, however, are worth double or even triple that amount as indicated below.

  1. Win a tournament (each time)
  2. Resolve a situation scourging a village or more’s worth of people (each time)
  3. Slay a famous villain (e.g., dragon or wicked knight) (each time, worth double)
  4. Deliver a holy relic to the Church (each time)
  5. Depose a powerful ruler by any means (each time, worth double)
  6. Behold a miraculous event (each time, worth double)
  7. Map uncharted or forgotten lands (10+ hexes or locations) (each time)
  8. Destroy an evil organization (each one)
  9. Recover 3 lost or secret books (each pair)
  10. Resolve 3 situations scourging the innocent without reward (each pair)
  11. Train an apprentice to become an expert in their trade (each time)
  12. Foil the plans of a powerful villain (each time)
  13. Swear allegiance faithfully to a lover of distinction (once)
  14. Search out a wise mentor and learn their secrets (once)
  15. Establish your own homestead, a permanent base of operations (once, worth double)
  16. Own a ship or other vehicle with a crew and stores sufficient to travel great distances (once, worth triple)
  17. Resolve an apparently unresolvable conundrum through cleverness (each time)
  18. Lead an institution with at least 20 loyal members for a year (each time)
  19. Obtain an official title with real powers and responsibility from your King (once, worth double)
  20. Make a lifelong enemy of a powerful foe (each time)
  21. Exact revenge for a misdeed done to you by a powerful foe (each time)
  22. Assemble an astounding library or trophy case (once)
  23. Survive an event that slays everyone else in the party (each time, worth double)
  24. Save another PC from otherwise certain death (once)
  25. Get initiated into a mystery cult or magical tradition (once)
  26. Make something lasting (e.g., write a book, build a castle, found a town, create a spell) (once)
  27. Become famous enough that almost everyone in a country knows your name and reputation (once, worth triple)
  28. Build an elaborate and difficult-to-plunder tomb for yourself (once)
  29. Become lord to a barony (once, worth triple)
  30. Form your own order of chivalrous knights (once, worth triple)

  1. The idea of Boons was taken from Feats in Original Edition Delta↩︎

  2. The idea of earning XP in this format was taken from this blog post about Knightly games↩︎