Steel Typhoon Eon

What This Is 1 #

This work is a somewhat pessimistic view on humanity’s path forward after irreparable calamity. It’s also an excuse to have people piloting giant robots fight each other as if they were Chivalric Knights of Legend.

Two things spelled the near-end of humanity: the realized Mutually Assured Destruction of our nightmares and the fulfilled threat of fully risen sea levels. Cobalt bombs poisoned the lands it devastated. Cities deep inland became centers of irradiated maelstroms unfit for human occupation. What little lands were left were barely habitable.

Yet we persisted. Settlements formed and humanity rebuilt itself. We are now in the period Post Deluge where wireless communication has effectively died out like most of humanity.

The city-states and the barons who ruled them rose in prominence in this time. Their rule is enforced by the social contract: every citizen of the state protected from the ravaging of bandits and the coercion into indentured servitude by rival powers. The barons’ force was their armies and its vanguard, the Alluvion Armors.

Formerly laborers’ augmented exoskeletons for deep sea works, now they are single-person combat frames through which most wars are fought. The Alluvion Knight is both a symbol of terror and liberation to the people Post Deluge. The clashes between Knights are legendary, an exceptional melee that has become the namesake of this era: The Steel Typhoon Eon.

  1. The rules displayed in the subsequent sections are heavily inspired by the rules of the wargame Mobile Frame Zero written by D. Vincent Baker and Joshua A.C. Newman. The following words in this section and others are licensed under Creative Commons too.

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