Making Your Knight

The Main Attributes #

8d6 to distribute between the three Attributes categories below. The lowest possible for a single Attribute is 1d6.

  • Acuity, for when you are perceptive, alert, savvy, educated, etc.
  • Body, for when you are strong, puissant, dexterous, nimble, etc.
  • Will, for when you are tenacious, confident, aggressive, unyielding, etc.

Roll dice when avoiding consequences or seeing if certain risky endeavors succeed (or not).

Saving Throws #

Roll these in response to incoming danger. They’re combinations between the Attributes:

  • When you resist and endure, roll Body + Will
  • When you are alert and looking out for danger, roll Acuity + Body

Succeeding #

Roll any of the Main Attributes. The two highest dice from the roll is your Ace. The Ace must match or beat the target number rolled or set by the Referee (often 7–11).

Opportunities #

Gain opportunities when you’re more likely to succeed at a risky endeavor or to avoid an impending consequence. For whatever justifiable reason, you may gain 1d6 or 1d8 to your roll at the Referee’s discretion.

Hit Points and Death Saves #

Roll Body + Will + Wild Dice and get the sum for your Hit Points. This is your lifeline. Once it hits zero, wait then roll.

If you don’t receive aid within the next 2 minutes, you die. If you do receive aid, roll your Body + Will. The Ace from that should equal 8+ for you to survive.

Skill and Character Progression #

Your Pilot Skill during combat are Wild Dice. This is a heterogeneous mix of luck, talent, and skill.

Always add these to any standard resolution roll you make.

They start at 2d6 and increase over time following the rubric below:

RankXP RequiredSkill Dice
340001d8, 2d6
480002d8, 1d6

Earning Experience Points #

Experience Points (XP) equal the amount of Siege coins earned.

Earn Siege coins, the currency of the world, over the course of a campaign. A powerful patron grants them upon earning their favor. Securing resources appraised for a large sum of Siege coins (e.g. food, indentured laborers, and Damoclite deposits) also grant XP.

Winning fights also grant XP. 100XP for every HD of all Armors defeated. Armors defeated in duels are worth double XP.

Non-Player Characters #

NPCs do not have Attributes, only Hit Dice (HD). These are always and only equivalent to d6’s. More HD makes for more effective NPCs who are harder to kill.

Half of NPCs total HD, minimum of 1 HD and always rounded up, are their Wild Dice during combat.

NPCs don’t often roll Death Saves. Referee discretion is advised for when and to whom it’s applied.