Assumptions #

Set in a speculative very near future where our mode of technology isn’t too different from today.

Yes, this is effectively a not-so-subtle nod to Twilight 2000 and The Country by Luke Gearing.

Yes, this is also based on a hypothetical future for my home country but in parts of it more familiar to me. Yes, this was kind of depressing to write. No, I’m not always this cynical.

Content Warning #

The following sections, particularly in character creation contain fictional details about the horrors of war with few moments of light scattered here and there. Reader discretion is preferable.

Introduction #

The world has been properly ruined by war. Here I thought the turn of the decade would mean progress, humanity’s inviolable ascent to greater heights. Now, think of humanity’s annihilation albeit slower, but just as inevitable as many expected. Yet we still have landlords.

Welcome to the lands of the Archipelago, ruled by fiefdoms and disparate groups of fighters holding on to their ideals in a world beyond hope. That’s a lie, as there is a modicum of hope left beyond just survival. No matter how naïve, many believe that there is a place beyond this wanton violence. This devastation was bequeathed onto us by greater powers. To those greater powers: kindly rot in hell—not that here is any better.

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