Setting Guide

The Archipelago #

The sultanates are westward and the ocean separates our neck of the woods from them. Though many make the trip southwards given the proximity of the Sulu Sea. Not that we’d know much about the goings-on there.

Northwest is the mainland, but we haven’t heard too much from them. They have their own problems dealing with remnants of the big red giant up North. At least we got a sea separating us from them. Us vs them, huh? Lord knows you reap what you sow.

Here, the Archipelago, is where the landlords knew they could fester. They had the gall and the guns to enforce their rule onto vast swathes of land. Didn’t take long for the infighting to emerge, which is how those fuckers came to be. We’ll get to that.

The Landlords #

Yes, they’re still around like cockroaches but have more in common with leeches. There are only two major factions here which means no real options: The Successor Republic and The Glorious Nation of Maharlika (GNM). Two side of the same coin and the latter is the eventual conclusion of the former.

They each operate their fiefdoms, oh, sorry, I mean “city-states,” like little kingdoms. Every city emanating a sphere of influence and conditional protections across the land.

The Successor Republic #

They remember the hierarchy fondly and how it benefited them, the powerful few. Marked by a bullheaded naivete, they demand a return to what we deserved to lose.

They used to be based in THE CAPITAL. Yes, that capital, one of the oldest city of the Archipelago—extant since colonial times. They lost that to the Maharlikans. While the Successors, for now, still technically have more territories they’ve been on a downward slump ever since that loss.

Troops #

Professional armies of men, sometimes drafted. Still traditional and bigoted with the same propensity to claim to be on the right side of history.

Patrols are in groups of 3d6 men, the highest die are the number of men with armor. Almost exclusively with assault rifles. 3-in-6 chance they’re in an armored vehicle.

The Glorious Nation of Maharlika #

“Fascists. Don’t play them, don’t side with them. If you do want to play or side with them, play in traffic instead.”

Followers of a false history. Proponents of a false notion. Their ideals espouse purity in that they demand it. The chain of command is their God now. However, they have many Gods. Every leader at the upper echelons seeks to make it on top as the supreme leader. It does happen at times. At the moment? We’re not sure, we need more spies and informants.

Though if there’s any indication of a singular strong and effective leader, they now control THE CAPITAL. They make sure to tell everyone about that in their frequent propaganda broadcasts.

War Bands #

Every man and their family serves under the chain of command. Every man, a soldier, a killer in the waiting.

Patrols consist of 3d6 men all armed with assault rifles. The highest die is the number of men with armor. 3-in-6 chance they’re in a turret-mounted armored vehicle.

The Fragmented Leftists #

They fight amongst themselves to the point where character assassination become actual assassinations. They may not be a united front, but they guard their enclaves against the Landlords with tooth and nail. The excesses and indulgences of the ruling class won’t ever harm their flock.

The Vanguards #

Spearheaded by a local cabal of intellectual elites who guide their followers to seizing the means of production. Ideally, a single vanguard party leads the charge. Too bad there are more parties than what fits on a hand.

Rebels #

Their people are loyal to the cause and to whoever is leading the vanguard parties that are in vogue at the moment.

Scouts are always on foot and consist of 2d6 fighters, the higher die indicates how many have body armor. They use a hodgepodge of weapons, 2-in-6 chance they all have assault rifles.

3-in-6 chance that a spy is in any Landlord settlement at any given time.

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Autonomous Peripheral Zones #

The Indigenous Peoples #

Bandits #

The Churches #

The Guiding Light #

The Church of Three #