Basic Character Creation

Basic Character Creation #

Think of a character concept. Who are they in this time in history? A foreigner? A local? Regardless, they (and now by extension you) are in consistent company with a group of companions.

These companions are the other players (their characters) at the table. Think of how you all know each other in the world. Why are you as thick as thieves? Are you thieves?

How many languages do you know? Can’t decide? Roll a 1d4 and that’s how many languages you know. A number of the common languages of the time were the following:

  • Bisaya
  • Ilonggo
  • Kapampangan
  • Tagalog
  • British English
  • Cantonese
  • French
  • Spanish

The Numbers #

Now roll 1d4 once for each of the three named Tag categories below. The result of the 1d4 is how many Tags you can pick from each column list in the table below. If you can’t decide on which Tag to get, roll 1d10.

Each Tag adds a +2 to a 1d20 roll. You only roll a 1d20 when doing something risky like shooting a foe in a firefight or trying to pick a lock under duress. The number you need to beat is often between 10 and 15 while it’s a 16+ in combat.

At times you roll with Edge or Slack which is rolling two d20s and taking the highest or lowest respectively.

Apply multiple Tags to a single roll if applicable.

1Iron LiverJurisprudenceGambling
2Quick DrawFolk MedicineExcellent Equestrian
3AthleticismRhetoric and PoetryFabulous Performer
4ReflexesMilitary FilibusterismKeen Senses
5HaymakersNavigationDisarming Allure
6Great ShotSciencesLucky
7Light-footedMedicine and First AidGut Feeling
8Bullseye ThrowInventionsSharp Dresser
9Surgeon’s HandsEtiquettePresence
10SneakyArchaeologyReputation Precedes You

Inventory #

You have 12 Inventory slots. First 6 are quick slots, anything you can pull out at a moment’s notice. These could be things in your pockets, belt, bandolier, coat, or hung on your back. The next 6 require 8 seconds or more to pull out—they’re in a rucksack or satchel.

Starting Loadout #

All players start with the following:

  • Revolver or Rifle (single-shot or lever-action)
  • 1 Slot of appropriate ammunition
  • Leather Rucksack
  • a Hunting Knife or Balisong
  • 3 days worth of rations
  • Water Canteen
  • 50 Pesos to buy miscellaneous items  or to keep
  • The clothes on your back

Luck #

Every time you fail a roll, mark Luck to a maximum of 6.

Spend Luck Points to add to 1d20 rolls.

If you’re Lucky then roll 1d6 at the start of every session. You start with that many Luck Points.

Renown #

After finishing your first adventure, write a brief punchy statement about your reputation. You’re a myth in the making. If your Reputation Precedes You already then write one now.