1d4 Lokal Peeps into Zines

1d4 Lokal Peeps into Zines

January 21, 2023
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Troika!, Writing

I was fiddling around with words and I guess this works? It’s good practice even if the end result wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I hope I can do better in the future!

1 Wizened Man #

Their ranking on the uncle-ness scale is subject to debate as is their very status as an uncle. They’re cool, but they sit at the adults’ table now, and they give off more cousin vibes than familial authority figure auras. They may not like be as warrior-y as the Neighborhood Stallion, but they got the good shit that’ll knock your socks off (those sandals). If you encounter one, have them regale you with a story of the history of The Scene.

Possessions #

  • a collection of self-published zines
  • a pocket journal filled with cherished polaroid memories
  • a pair of magically butter-soft, pale blue jeans—worn through hell and back literally (Reduces Spell Cost by 1)

Advanced Skills and Spells #

  • 4 Repair (Analog Tech)
  • 4 Spell — Air Bullet (2)
  • 3 Spell — Affix (3)
  • 2 Spell — Flash (3)
  • 2 Sleight of Hand

2 Neighborhood Stallion #

An absolute specimen. They don’t make them like they used to, but whoever made this one spared no expense. They are found in the wilds of the local park jogging in the morning then stopping by Byline Coffee for a quick energy cookie and a long black. Unfortunately, some in The Scene typecast them as a business bro. In reality, the Stallion is chill enough to blend in with the right getup.

Possessions #

  • a potent polo shirt (Armor 2, 0 Encumbrance)
  • an indestructible over-sized cell phone (1d10 damage)

Advanced Skills and Spells #

  • 4 Unarmed Fighting
  • 4 Wrestling
  • 4 Athletics
  • 2 Cooking
  • 2 First Aid

Special: Steel Fortitude #

Your years of training and participation in The Scene has granted you the power of steeling your own body to unnatural levels. Once per day, you become bullet-resistant and gain enhanced strength.

3 Apostate #

The soul-crushing, 24/7 work cycle of your past job left you with a shattered self to mend. Amidst the rubble, you found solace in the The Scene and its Ancients. The latter taught you everything about the liminal world and those that inhabit it. Now, there’s no going back to billboards for you ever again.

Possessions #

  • any number of books on theory and praxis
  • a jury-rigged portable cassette player
  • 1d4 cassette-bound liminal spell spirits

Advanced Skills and Spells #

  • 5 Spirit Commands
  • 4 Third-eye Attunement
  • 3 Barter
  • 2 in Any Advanced Skill

Special: The Liminal #

Any Spell effect or result is replicated with the appropriate spirit. Your starting spirits represent one random spell each. They don’t cost Stamina when casting, but on a failure, a magical mishap is assured. Spirits are fickle creatures and cause chaos on a whim if the mood suits it.

4 Curse Stricken Somnambulist #

Whether your still studying in the institution, working in it, or just gave up and left it, it’s mark is always on you. The night is your friend and morning, your bane. The academe really bites, doesn’t it? It bit your hard. But hey, now you’re part of The Scene and things are sorta maybe better because of your education?

Possessions #

  • a silver necklace you’d prefer not to take off
  • three lines forming a scar somewhere along your body that glows in the moonlight
  • A hand-me-down laptop whose battery never lasts long enough
  • Two flasks filled with coffee.

Advanced Skills and Spells #

  • 3 Driving
  • 2 Awareness
  • 2 Theatrics
  • 2 Stealth
  • 1 Athletics
  • 1 Spell — Random

Special: Dream Wolf Concept #

Once you get even a lick of sleep, the wolf comes out. Once you remove the silver around your neck, the wolf comes out. You sleep in a silver-lined blanket just to keep the wolf from coming out. The beast unleashed is your id manifest. You only have a semblance of control while in this form as if you were in a dream. Test Luck every minute to avoid lashing out against friends.

While in this form, you gain 5 Athletics and 5 Unarmed Fighting, but lose access to your other Advanced Skills.

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