Dark Matter Drifter, Personal Gear

Dark Matter Drifter, Personal Gear

March 7, 2023
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Cost of goods below are in New Credits, abbreviated to nucs.

Weapons #

Butterfly Knife10Concealable
Throwing Knife4Concealable
Hunting Knife12
Dueling Saber30
Cane Sword35Concealable

All guns in this new age operate on Mass Acceleration technology. These arms launch grain-sized particles at supersonic speeds. Ammo comes cheaply, any kind of heavy metal dust should work. Standardized MA batteryies only allow for a limited number of shots depending on the gun and require charging. 10 mins to bring a single battery to full charge.

Muh Pistol9518 shots, concealable
Snub Scattergun1256 shots, concealable, +1d6 damage at short range
Scattergun15010 shots, +1d6 damage at short range
Mare’s Leg17524 shots
Assault Rifle87545 shots, selective fire
Submachine Gun37550 shots, selective fire
Sniper Rifle8008 shots
Anti-Materiel Rifle16665 shots, 1 battery per shot, ignores armor, +1d6 damage
Plasma Caster375012 shots, ignores armor, +1d6 damage
Battery Cells105 pcs are 1 slot

Worn Equipment #

Artificial Gills500
Cold-weather Clothing150
Diving Equipment200
Oxygen Tank250two tanks last 6 hours
Respirator-Filter Mask100For thin or tainted atmospheres
Vacc Suit6000see below
Reactive Armor Set500concealable, prevents three gunshots, 100 to replace pieces
Mesh Armor Set575concealable, prevents four melee hits, 100 to replace pieces
Reactive Helmet/Mask300prevents two gunshots
Mesh Helmet/Mask350prevents two melee hits

Vacc suits protects the wearer from the vacuum of space, radiation, and other environmental hazards. Integration with portable computer for various functions: remote vital signs monitor, Geiger counter, oxygen meter, ambient thermometer, and water supply.

Suit manufacturers are Tech Level (TL) 8 or higher. They’re cumbersome and heavy, but Tech Levels past 8 produce lighter and more maneuverable suits. The price is reduced by 500nucs for every TL past 8.

Devices and Gadgets #

Cutting Laser100
Geiger Counter50
Long-range Communicator110powerful enough to reach ships in orbit
Magnetic Compass15
Mechanical Tool Kit100
Metal Detector35
Multi-Vision Goggles250sees in infared and low light
Portable Computer300see below
Portable Lab400forensic and chemical analysis on the field
View Camera75broadcasts video feed to a computer

Portable computers are like today’s smartphones. They integrate with several other devices and gadgets. They tell time, broadcast location, track movements, and record audio/video. They operate on wireless protocols and, therefore, can access the quantum web as long as relays are in range.